Mobile crusher plant gives construction waste a second life

In recent years, It’s because of the rapid development of construction industry that leads to the generation of huge amount of construction waste. In order to avoid untreated construction waste causing even more damage, mobile crusher plant comes into being, which gives construction waste a second life. Mobile crusher plant is one of the commonly used construction waste crusher, which is the most popular and most advanced waste processing equipment in both domestic market and foreign market for the moment.

After having processed by mobile construction plant, the waste as renewable resource supports the progress of construction work, which realizes mutual development of environmental protection and economy. Mobile crusher is a new type of environmental protection crusher that has stable yield and high efficiency, which can directly enter construction and demolition sites of urban villages and turn brick, tile, concrete and scrap steel into recycled aggregate to be used in foundation reinforcement and road engineering after having crushed and processed, and which truly realized the ideal of turning waste into wealth of construction waste in China.

Rapid development of urban cities also brings us corresponding problems, of which the most prominent problem is construction waste. The emergence of portable crusher plant opens up new ways for disposal of urban garbage and gives construction waste a second life. Mobile crusher station can realize more than 90% of recycling rate of construction waste, which also can realize reduction, resource and harmless disposal of construction waste, thus reducing the impact on environment. Mobile crusher plant can be easily moved from one site to another site, which is of small footprint, easy operation and convenient maintenance. In addition, mobile crusher station also can promote cyclic utilization of construction waste. In the fields of material and energy input, mobile crushing station can save more than 60% of cost compared with directly producing new materials. This huge cost advantage will inevitably extend application of mobile crushing station. Mobile crusher plant has good effect on waste recycling and resource utilization, which not only disposes urban gangue, but protects environment and safeguards people’s lives. Meanwhile, mobile crushing station provides raw materials for other industry like construction materials industry and reduces cost.

Improve the production efficiency of coal mill

In order to improve the production efficiency and reduce the labor intensity, based on the research of liner structure and liner bolt, we have improved the material and structure of the ore milling equipment. This improvement has prolonged its working life to 10 years and improved the production capacity to 2.3 t/h.

Coal mill is the machine that can grind the coal cinder into coal dust. It is the important auxiliary equipment to pulverized coal furnace. Coal grinding process is the process that the coal is broken and its surface area increasing. To add the new surface area, the material must overcome the binding force between solid molecules. Therefore, it requires the energy consumption. Coal mill is grinded into pulverized coal in the pulverized coal furnace. This process is mainly composed by crush, shatter and grind three ways. The energy consumption of crushing process is saving. The energy consumption of pulverization process is expensive.

The steel ball coal mill is one of the four major auxiliary engines of the thermal power station. It is the main body of the pulverized coal system. It can grind the coal with different hardness. It is mainly used in the cement industry, metallurgy industry, chemical and other industries. The steel ball coal mill is the new equipment which has a wide application in the thermal power station.

Pay attention to the operation details of sand making machine to raise efficiency

For customers, they all want to buy such a sand making machine which can always operate efficiently, but any equipment is not ideal. Today we would like to talk about how to efficiently use sand making machine so as to achieve the purpose of prolonging the service life.

Firstly, we should know that, the new-type sand making machine is the third process in sand production line. The first is feeding and the second is coarse crushing by jaw crusher. The new-type sand making machine, as the coarse crushing equipment for hard materials, has properties such as big crushing ratio, high yield, uniform particle size, simple structure, easy maintenance and low production cost. When the sand making machine is on work, the jaw plate directly contact with the material and often suffers too much load. The insurance device provides security for this situation. Secondly, we should realize that in the sand and gravel production line, the more silt in the feeding material or the more of fine-level, the greater is the slurry viscosity, the smaller is the settling velocity of the particles in the pulp, and the more rough is the overflow granularity. In this case, we can add more water into it to reduce the pulp density. If the feeding material has a small silt content, or have been processed through desliming, we should improve the pulp density appropriately, to avoid too much fine grained material mixed in the sand return.

We adopt rear toggle plate as the insurance system to protect important equipment from damage, in case that something cannot be crushed enters in the cavity of sand machine crushing. The rear toggle plate is made of cast iron. Open a groove or several holes on it to reduce its cross section strength. Or make two piece of cast iron, then link up them with bolts, to form a combined toggle plate. When the uncrushable stones enter into the cavity, it will leads to the rear toggle plate to be broken or the combined toggle plate to be cut down, consequently the machine is stopped because of the insurance effect.

The users may though that to reduce loss seemed to be more difficult than to improve production efficiency for the new-type sand making machine, but the fact is actually otherwise. If you have any technical problems, you can dial our company’s contact phone, we will provide you with the most professional answer for free .

To win the market by relying on the excellent sand production equipment

The product quality is the essential key to win the market, which has become the backbone that supporting one whole enterprise, and also is the only thing that can help one company to survive from the fiercer market competition in the modern society. The wide application of sand making equipment can help one company to win the market, but only the good quality can determine the fate of it.

Nearly all of the enterprises have realized the importance of improving the quality of our own products with the daily rapid development of our national economy and science at this right minute, that is to say, quality is the life of one company. Only the quality can improve the image of our products and our company brand, so there is only thing that we can do if we want to realize our own vale for the future development of sandstone production equipment, that is to produce the excellent and significant products to win the compliment of customers at last.

There will be no the development space of one company without the quality being the cornerstone while there is no market occupying. To pay much more attention to the quality only can help our own company to catch up with the era, which also can help you achieve something that you have been looking forward to, and certainly can help you stand on the top of the same mountain.

The innovation of mobile crusher adapt the social development trend

As we all know, with the continuous innovation of technology, the crusher plant is also develop quickly. As professional crusher plant, portable crusher plant takes on responsibility to conduct the stone crushing and construction waste, and it plays an important role in the process of mine production. The consume and abrasion of machine are inevitable, and they will threaten the service life of crusher, even effect the routine work of mobile crusher, and reduce the working efficiency and increase mechanical failure. Therefore, prolong the service life of mobile crusher is becoming an arduous and important task.

The mobile crusher has advantages of high efficiency, convenience, environmental protection, and energy saving, it is suitable for the requirement of mine production. During the process of operation, we reduce consume and abrasion of mobile crusher to the large extent, and greatly improve the production efficiency of mining equipment. After long-time scientific research, we change the situation of low performance for mobile crusher, and the cost of mobile crusher is greatly decreased. The mobile crusher adapts the social development trend, increases the research and development of science and technology, and has been making leap breakthrough in domestic mining industry.

How to choose construction Waste crusher from the performance of construction waste

If you want to know the whole set of construction waste treatment equipment prices, it is necessary to choose from the performance of the machine: Our company produces the construction of waste crusher to high-quality and high-quality performance and win the peer manufacturers. Therefore, the new, efficient, and high-tech equipment is the company’s production of construction waste crusher, the most basic goal. Construction waste Disposal Equipment configuration is mainly based on customer selection of the site, production requirements and aggregate use, in order to finally determine the type of equipment.

The working principle of construction waste crusher is to break according to the characteristic of the material first, and then according to the crushing granularity of processing and recycling, and other equipment used to make our final need for the infrastructure materials, this is the construction of waste recycling cycle process, for more information, please consult the website online experts. Then, if the choice of construction waste treatment equipment manufacturers, first of all, the author here stressed that the price is not the main factor to select the manufacturer, from the following aspects to comprehensively consider, and then analyze the choice to find the appropriate for your needs of the garbage crusher.

(1) First of all depends on the construction of waste treatment manufacturers of production scale, product quality standards, as well as manufacturers in the industry’s credibility;

(2) to observe the manufacturer’s website, to see whether the site’s products are detailed. Look at the success stories the manufacturer has come up with.

(3) then around and compare the products of other manufacturers.

(4) must go to the construction waste disposal production site, the factory carries on the field inspection.

Our company to provide customers with a full range of technical support and after-sales service, we have a professional sales manager for you to resolve the price of equipment, to provide suitable for your needs of technical solutions, and professional technicians to install debugging equipment for you, and finally have the enthusiasm of the after-sale staff will serve you online.

Infrastructure is inseparable from the support of concrete, cement, sand and aggregate, these materials need more high-quality and efficient crusher and other ore milling equipment to provide technical support. Professional crusher manufacturer, mining company has glimpse of the market opportunities and it will provide the comprehensive equipment technology to meet the challenge.

Crusher industry has been noted that infrastructure projects is approved remains a relatively fast growth rate, as well as railway infrastructure investment accelerated sharply in recent years. These messages to the concrete and cement industry development means opportunities, but also enhance the confidence to mining enterprises.

For this opportunities, the mining company has its own unique advantages. In order to lead the development of mining industry, we insist to do research and development on the jaw crusher, stone crusher, cone crusher and mobile crusher and so on to achieve technological breakthroughs, and now has reached the level of world-class technology.

To advertise the brand by relying on the best quality of mining equipment

The biggest problem existing in the mining machinery is the bigger energy power consumption, dust pollution and the higher displacement, which certainly will influence the environment, so to enhance the production of the large-scale and environmental portable crusher plant has become one of the most urgent problems at this right minute.

There is no doubt that the technological percentage is the soul of one product, so SBM does our best to research and develop the latest skills in order to better satisfy our customers, and our company also invited some foreign experts to our factory while cooperating with some advanced enterprises, so that is the reason why our company can develop so quickly in one fiercer marketing competition.

SBM is mainly producing the jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, roller crusher and so on, so welcome to our company to have a look and make a deal.Our company consistently will insist on the principle of putting the quality and the reputation on No.1 while administrating the whole company by relying on the ISO9001, and we believe that we can get the praise from our customers by relying on our advanced technology and the excellent sales service, and we can promise that we will not let you down.

Cause and solution of wear failure of ultrafine grinding bearing

Bearing is an important part of a machine, different bearings are not the same role, but in general, the main bearing the following role: the transfer of energy, bear the weight.

The internal bearings of ultrafine mill produced by the company also bear the above two kinds of functions, and the customer needs to understand that the machine parts are through the installation of mutual cooperation and realize the operation, so the various parts can not operate alone, and the interaction between the components will produce a certain force, and for the bearing, When it transmits energy, the force is friction, and when the friction is relatively large, the bearing will inevitably wear out and fail.

Generally, in order to reduce the bearing wear failure probability, we will lubricate the bearing, in order to reduce the friction between bearings and other parts, thus playing the role of protection bearings. The company developed ultra-fine Flour Mills are using advanced technology, that is, automatic oil lubrication technology, through the lubrication station connected with the machine to provide lubricating oil bearings, so as to achieve the bearing lubrication, reduce bearing wear failure and reduce the customer manual operation

The market mainstream of mining machinery in future

All kinds of large-scale engineering projects are being increased with the continuous development of our national economy, which certainly will cause the shortage of the sandstone aggregate. SBM points out that the natural sand was the main resource of those projects, but some natural disasters were happened because of the worse biological environment caused by the extensive exploration on river sand, so that is the reason why our government takes some methods to stop this matter of being happened again. There will be one inevitable situation where the market sand can not satisfy the demand of those projects because the natural sand is becoming less and less, and the price of ore milling equipment can be increased into one higher level beyond our toleration. The reasons above on can the true reason why most of the investors can begin to invest on the artificial sand making industry, which certainly can bring so much profit for them in one short time.

Some people also pay much more attention to the sea sand because of the shortage of the natural sand. The usage of sea sand can save 50% of the cost, and there are some greedy developers taking the sea sand to replace the position of natural sand, which directly caused some engineering accidents in the construction.

SBM points out that the artificial sand can be the ideal material of replacing the natural sand after so many years’s experiments, and its advantages are including:

Firstly, the wider resources of the sand. There are so many raw materials that can be processed to artificial sand, and we also can use some abandoned resources by separating and processing the tailing. Most of the tailing can be made to the artificial sand by using the sand making machine, which not only can solve the problems of environment pollution, but also can improve the usage ratio at the same time.Secondly, the ideal classification phases, we can adjust the granularity according to the demand of the sand.