Transformation of mining machinery industry

In recent years, the increasing mode of the gold mining machine machinery industry has transformed from the high speed development to the medium speed one. The purchasing cost is increasing slowly and the financial cost pressure is also slowing down, while the labor cost still keeps growing. The intermediate link inventory of the engineering machinery is in large amount.

Large scale equipment featuring high technology, new design and new materials will be the future trend of the domestic mining exploitation industry. Unfortunately, many Chinese mining machinery manufacturers produce the products by completely and blindly imitating other brand products on the market without adding their own thoughts. These mining machines are lacking competitiveness and will be abandoned by the market under the current economic situation.

However, China as the leader of the developing countries is not only occupying the lower end international market but also trying to take up the high end market. To strengthen the kaolin processing plant machinery
competitiveness, manufacturers need to grasp the perfect market chance, establish the innovation concept and change the past imitation development mode. As long as we make breakthrough in the field of core technology of the mining machinery manufacturing industry, we will win the market of the mining machines among so many competitors for sure.

What crushers can we use to break the fluorite?

We know that the fluorite is a kind of ore used widely as catalyst, corrosion remover, insecticide, addictive, flux and communication material for the industrial and military use. The fluorite is a hard mineral which can be broken by the used jaw crusher for sale to the required particle size and there are many types of crushing machines with the ability of crushing the fluorite. Here we will introduce some of them.

1. Jaw crushers are the first choice for us to break the fluorite. The rotor backboard of the jaw crusher can bear the high speed rotational inertia and the hammers impacting force, so the jaw crusher is preferred by its high reduction ratio, good particle shape and reasonable crushing hammer structure, which can save much time of replacing the board hammer of the crusher.

2. The slag crushing plant is the second common machines to crush the fluorite. With features of new casting technology, wear resistance and impact resistance, the impact crushers handling particle size and structure can be easily changed according to customers requirement.

3. Hammer crushers are also a good type of tools to break the fluorite. The large, medium and small sized hammer crushers can meet different demands of customers. The simple structure and easy manufacturing process of the hammer crusher make it the popular device in the handling process of the fluorite.

4. Double roll crushers are also good at handling the fluorite. It has many advantages such as small size, high reduction ratio, little noise pollution, high efficiency, and sensitive overload protection.

The role of grinding machine plays in the reprocessing of iron tailing

Iron tailing refers to waste after the crusher and grinder grind and select ores. That’s to say iron tailings are the residual solid waste after choosing the concentrate through beneficiation.Zenith is the professional mining equipment manufacturer, whose products include: ball mill, coal washing machine, sand maker and crusher, among which the Raymond mill is applied for fine grinding 280 kinds of material. The product granularity of R type Raymond mill is within an adjustable range of 80-325 meshes, with the maximum up to 2000mm. Consequently, when reusing the iron tailing; significant economic can be achieved in refining the iron tailings.

With the social progress and rapid industry development, especially in the steel industry, the proportion of iron ore tailings in industrial solid waste is on the rise.According to incomplete statistics, China’s annual accumulative production of tailings is about 6 billion tons at present, and the stockpiling iron tailings accounts for 1/3% of the whole. Tailings redressing can not only reduce tailing dam construction cost but also the processing, mining and transportation cost. In addition, it saves investment of equipment and new process development, thus, more and more importance is attached to it.

At present, for the magnetite, company provides complete set of iron ore crushing and coal processing plant for customers, the processing is able to increase the ore grade to 40%. The reprocessing of the iron ore tailings which cannot be used due to the low grade has won the recognition of several customers.Moreover, the tailings which are unable to be reprocessed can be applied in cement industry, concrete and aerated bricks processing by being ground by the mills and also be directly applied to the construction sector by tailings sand making.

Quartz sand market promotes the demand for corresponding equipment

In recent years, with the speed-up of industrialization in our country, the quartz sand industry in China has formed a quartz sand industry chain from mining to processing and to glass products, which effectively promotes the rapid economic growth. Only in a few years, the number of quartz sand enterprises in domestic have multiplied. quartz processing plant projects have broad market prospects and higher rate of return on investment.

At present, the quartz sand production enterprises in our country can be divided into two kinds: dry quartz sand production enterprise and wash quartz sand production enterprise. These two kinds of quartz sand production enterprises all take quartz stone as raw material.

The main production process of wash sand mining machine is to break the larger natural quartz stones quarried from the mines into smaller stones with crushing machine, and then send into the milling machine to grind into required granule or powder applied to many industries. With the development in various high-tech industries, the ordinary quartz sand powder has already been unable to satisfy their development demand, and all industries have a increasingly higher demand for quartz sand purity.

The development of high purity quartz sand requires us quartz sand processing equipment manufacturers based on the global status to recognize the situation, seize opportunities, develop correct research and developing direction, timely upgrade the milling equipment needed by quartz sand processing, and actively explore new markets.

Types and output of stone crushers

Jaw crusher is a crushing machine that has the widest application in the whole world. This stone crusher machine for sale has many advantages such as high crushing ratio, even product granularity, simple structure and easy and convenient repair and maintenance. It can be divided into primary and fine crushing, and the crushed stone has 320Mpa of highest pressure resistant property. This crusher is widely used in many departments such as mining, metallurgy, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry.

Impact crusher is the second crushing machine in the stone crushing process. This dolomite stone crusher gets optimum design after absorbing foreign advanced technology and it is able to process all kinds of stones such as granite, basalt, limestone whose granularity is not bigger than 120-350mm and the crushing strength is not more than 320Mpa. This crusher has the advantages of high crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency and convenient repair. The final product crushed is cubic in shape and the content of needle shaped materials is very low so that it is the ideal choice of manufacturing excellent stone materials for high grade road, railway, water conservancy, airport and building industry.

Hammer crusher is suitable for crushing all kinds of fragile materials such as coal, salt, plaster, alum, brick and limestone. The conpression strength should not exceed 150Mpa and the humidity should be below 15%.

Cone crusher is widely used in metallurgy, building, road construction, chemistry and silicate industry and it is suitable for crushing all kinds of rocks and stone with medium and above medium hardness. This crusher has many characteristics such as high crushing ratio, high efficiency, strong processing ability, low operational cost, easy and convenient adjustment and economic use. Because the spare parts selection and the structure design are reasonable, this machine has long service life. The final products are even in granularity which reduces the stoppage time. And what is more, the types of the crushing chamber that can be chosen from are various, so that the customers can choose the specific chamberfor different demands.

The above four kinds of crushers are the most frequently used stone crushing types and they win good appraise with their high working efficiency and excellent cost performance. The customers can learn deeply the crusher manufacturers according to their own production requirements. Although there are so many choices so that it will be troublesome to choose the perfect manufacturing company, only the equipment with the highest efficiency and the lowest energy consumption is the most popular crushing machine.

Grinding mill technology develops fast in china

With the constant development and improvement of productivity forces of our country, the fine powders are more and more widely used in various production industries and the superfine powder processing and production also gets huge promotion and development and the superfine processing of all kinds of non-metallic minerals is also pushed to new peak. Considering the requirement of modern social productivity, the general development tendency of material grinding mill technology in our country is low cost, high efficiency, strong controllability, good dispersibility and stable quality which has higher technical requirement for all kinds of superfine grinding and crushing equipment.

In addition, what we also need to pay attention to is that modern production not only pursues highly efficient production and high quality of the final products, but develops towards environment protection and energy conservancy. This requires that the machinery production companies improve the performance of the superfine processing and production equipment in environment protection and low energy consumption, strive to endow the equipment with the performance advantages of low energy consumption, high output, zero pollution, good granularity of the final products and good dispersibility and improve the competitiveness and market shares of the superfine grinding equipment.

In the superfine grinding and crushing processing work, a series of powder grinding and sand making equipment including hot sale raymond mill, ball mill and airflow grinding mill is generally used. On the basis of traditional equipment technology, the improvement and changing of internal high-precision analyzer can realize the superfine crushing of materials. With the constant increase of social needs, equipment faces huge tests in the aspects of using performance, quality of the final products and service life, for this reason, many production companies are strengthening the efforts in research and development and constantly improving the adjustment and control technology such as crushing dynamics, granularity distribution and particle shape and crystal form of the equipment in the working process of superfine crushing to reach highly efficient production.

The new opportunity brought by ore dressing industry

Recently, our national mobile ore crushing plant industry has achieved much more progress, which has become one major industry of our domestic national fields, but it still cannot occupy much more percentage of the market share in the competition between the home and abroad, and the true reason is that the poor technology still cannot compare with the overseas skills, whose craftsmanship still has a lone gap between each other, which will be one fatal barrier that preventing the development of the whole national mining machinery.

With the rapid development of city, the prosperity of the village, highway, highroad and the chemical industry, the support coming from the nation on the building of housing and water conservancy has been strength all the time, which can boost the prosperity of mining market. Crushing machine is one key machine in the iron ore processing plant market, which can be the vanguard to produce much more and better aggregate for the client who seeks for the merits of the crushing machine such as the high working efficiency, bigger output and higher compression in the mining production line. With the gradual combination of our national mining markets, the part pieces of interior crushing chamber and the cost of the machine in the reality can be highly improved in a short time. Taking the crushing machine for example, the crushing machine produced by mining makers which are major in producing the jaw crusher, whose compression strength much be more than 350Pa, has the advantages such as the big crushing ratio, perfect producing aggregate whose size is the cube, higher working efficiency, big handling capacity, lower cost, simple adjustment, long lifespan and economic saving, which can be the direct reason why it can be so popular in the competition of modern mining market.

Used coal crushing plant for sale in malaysia

Coal crushing can be divided into two categories according to their position in the production system such as crushing preparations and finally crushing. Crushing preparations work for the next operational requirements of the particle size for crushing operations; finally broken coal is broken to the required size of the operation of commercial coal. Coal crushing machine commonly used mechanical method. In a variety of crushing machines of coal, we often dominated by a kind of broken way, accompanied by other fragmentation methods.

Mobile coal crushing plant

Mobile coal crushing plant has assembled coal crusher, vibrating screen, vibrating feeder, belt convey, electric cabinet, and motor together. But it is designed appropriately so that it is compact and save space in clients site. It is effective and intelligent with the electric cabinet. Oriental has pioneered the development of fully mobile crushing and screening plants in China. Over 15 years working on crushing and construction field, Oriental can manufacture high quality equipment for mining project, such as coal mine, iron ore mine, copper mine, gold mine, and so on. Mobile coal crushing plant is specially designed according clients requirement and site conditions. The following figure can be a model design for a coal mining.

Coal crusher manufacturer In malaysia

Coal crusher, just a famous crusher brand from Oriental is well received by our coal mining customers all over the world. Other famous crusher brands such as jaw crusher, PF impact crusher, hydraulic impact crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, double roller crusher and so on. Oriental has formed a complete coal crushing plant that takes Double roller crushers as the main products and vibrating screen, vibrating feeder, etc. Now, Oriental offers you a new crusher-mobile coal crusher which is fully adaptable to all mobile crushing and screening plant needs and this crusher sets up a new range of business opportunities for contractors, quarry operators, recycling and mining applications.

The equipment suitable for the superfine crushing of talc

Talc has the features of unique sheet structure, small hardness, good chemical stability, high gloss and lubricity and preservable odor. Using specific crushing method, it can be manufactured into talc grinding mill with different particle sizes and widely used in such industrial departments as paper making, plastic, painting, ceramics, feed, fertilizer, sewage disposal and cosmetic. Next the experts from Zenith will give an introduction to the equipment suitable for the superfine crushing of talc.

On the basis of the mineral property of talc, the requirement of the needed products and different methods of the applied force used by different crushers, we can know that the crushing machines for processing talc should be crushers that using squeezing, impacting and rubbing forces to crush materials. At present, the main crushing equipment used for processing superfine talc is as follows:

Raymond mill

The main Raymond mill type is 4R3216 which is mainly used for manufacturing 150~400 Mesh talc powders.

Roll mill

Rod mill can be used for processing superfine talc with fine product fineness and low energy consumption. This machine is not widely used in the talc industry because of its high price, but it still has high potential with its low energy consumption.

Ball mill

As the fineness requirement of the industrial mineral powders whose added value is not high as talc is usually 600~2500 Mesh, and the higher the yield, the better, according to the production experience in domestic and foreign market, only ball mill that is equipped with dry type classifier is the best choice with low investment, high output and low energy consumption, and it is now mainly used in coarse whiting industry, but not widely in talc industry.

High-speed impact mill

High-speed impact mill is one of the superfine crushing machines with fast development in China in recent years. Its advantages lie in high crushing ability in unit power and low energy consumption. However, it is not suitable for processing hard materials.

Vibrating mill

Vibrating mill is a fine grinding and superfine grinding mill that uses the high-frequency vibration of the grinding media inside the cylinder to impact, rub and cut and then crush the materials. The disadvantages of vibrating mill are low noise and high requirement for the mechanical strength of the mechanical spare parts such as the spring and the bearing.

Vertical agitator mill

The energy consumption of vibrating mill and high-speed impact mill is much lower than that of airflow mill, but as for the talc and other white non-metallic metal minerals industry, the energy consumption of the two mills is still too high. Vertical agitator mill has the lowest energy consumption among all the superfine crushing machines, and in addition, it has high ore grinding efficiency and fine product granularity, for this reason, it has a bright prospect in the talc industry.

Properties and uses of the aggregate crushing machine

The aggregate crusher has been widely used for crushing job of various ores in industrial sectors such as cement, building materials, coal and chemical as well as beneficiation industry; it is also can be used as coarse crushing equipment. The reasons for the rapid development of aggregate quarry crushing plant lie in the following important features:

  • (1) Great breaking ratio. Usually, the crushing ratio of ordinary crusher does not exceed 10, while aggregate crusher crushing ratio is generally 30-40, and even can be up to 150, thus greatly simplifying the production process and saving investment costs.
  • (2) High crushing efficiency and low power consumption. Having been affected by the high speed function and repeated impact of blow board, the ore along powder jointed interface and the part of organizational vulnerability is first broken. So the kind of crusher has high efficiency and low power consumption.
  • (3) Uniform particle size and less over-crushing phenomenon. The kinetic energy of ore is proportional to its nature; so in the ore crushing process, larger block gets a greater degree breaking and smaller ore will be not broken under certain conditions. Therefore, the particle size is uniform and it produces over-crushing phenomenon barely.
  • (4) Selective breaking. In crushing process, useful minerals and gangue first ruptures along the jointed surface, facilitating useful minerals achieve monomer separation.
  • (5) Strong adaptability. This crusher enables to crush brittle, fibrous, medium and below hard ores, particularly suitable for limestone and other brittle ore crushing. Cement and chemical industries adopting aggregate crusher is appropriate.
  • (6) The equipment has small size, light weight, simple structure, easy manufacturing and easy maintenance.
    Because of these obvious advantages, aggregate crusher is widely adopted and vigorously developed in many countries.